Our Redleg Family

Our Redleg family consists of myself (mama & Army wife), Bryan (soldier, husband, daddy), Marlie (7 year old daughter), and Emma (3 year old daughter).

We have been an Army family for almost 12 years and have moved 9 times (10 if you count our move from one house to another in the same city).  Georgia is our home state, but we have also lived in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Kansas & Germany.  Bryan has also served 2 deployments in Afghanistan and 1 in Iraq.  The Army life is not for everyone, but we feel that this is the Lord's plan for our family and he has certainly blessed us!

I have been blogging since 2005 at Life of a Redleg Wife.  I started that blog as a young newlywed Army wife living in Germany and working full time.  Life has changed a lot since then, so I decided that 2013 was the time to begin a new blog about our life as an Army family of 4!

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