Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oahu Week 2

As we worked on getting settled into our house, we also made time to start exploring the island.  For our first beach day, our friends took us to Pililaau Army Recreation Center.  We got to enjoy a private beach area that is only for military ID card holders.  They also have an open air restaurant where we were able to enjoy lunch - as much as you can with 6 kids in tow!

Emma looks unhappy, but she was totally content just laying down on the sand.

So far the North Shore area is our favorite part of the island, but we still have A LOT left to explore.  We wanted to go to the town of Haleiwa for dinner one night and we ended up eating from Macky's shrimp truck.  After dinner, we drove a little further into town and decided to try to get some shave ice from Matsomoto.  It is very popular with tourists, but we were able to sneak in right before they closed. 

Dole Plantation is another very popular place for tourist and we are lucky enough to be just a few miles from it.  We visited it one weekday morning.  We got lunch from their cafe, rode the train through the plantation and finished the trip with some Dole whip.  I managed to get one little taste before the kids devoured it!

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