Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Farewell, Fort Leavenworth

After almost 2.5 years, we bid farewell to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas last month.  Our household goods were actually picked up on the 30th of April, so that was actually the first and biggest step of our move. 

The next day Bryan and I went on a food truck date night in Kansas City.  We went back to Kansas City again on Saturday for a family adventure.  We went to City Market and had a hodgepodge lunch from all the little cafés there.  We visited the Steamboat Arabia Museum and then the Nelson Atkins Museum.  We had the perfect ending to our day with some artisanal ice cream. 

I was a little worried about how the girls would handle being in our house for so long without any of their stuff.  They did great.  It's amazing how kids' imaginations work when they really have nothing else to do.  You can't really tell, but in this picture they had created an "obstacle course" which was more like circuit workout stations.
Marlie and I went with our friends to watch the US Army's 2015 Soldier Show at Fort Leavenworth.  Once again, they put on a great show.

For our last date night in Kansas, Bryan and I had dinner at The Majestic in Kansas City.  One of my KC bucket list items was to listen to live jazz and we had not done that yet.  The main dining room of the restaurant was in the basement and we were able to listen to a jazz trio while we had dinner.  It was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.  

We visited Topeka for the first and only time on one of our last Saturdays.  We had lunch at a great little Indian restaurant in town and went to the Kansas Childrens Discovery Center for the afternoon.  

Lawrence is one of our favorite places in the area and we went there one last time after Emma's last morning of preschool.  We had lunch at The Burger Stand and walked around downtown enjoying many of the shops.  I wish we would have gone to Lawrence more during our first year or so in Kansas.

We sold our beloved BMW on our last morning at Fort Leavenworth.  It was the first new car for both Bryan and me.  We traveled all over Europe in it and many places in the states.  We brought Marlie home from the hospital in it too.  It's been such a great car and we will miss it.  Another soldier bought it though, so I'm sure it still has lots of adventures in its future.

After one last awesome night with our friends, we flew to Georgia on May 23rd.  We made some wonderful friends at Fort Leavenworth and had some great times there.  However, as Army life goes, it's time for a new location and old and new friends!

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