Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stitch Fix #15

Here is my 15th fix!  It's crazy to think it's already been that long since I first learned about Stitch Fix.

Freida Regular Length Skinny Jean by Mavi
I liked these pants but not enough for their $98 price.  I also have two other pairs of black pants that I rarely wear.

Belfern Marled Mixed Knit Sleeveless Cardigan by Kensie
This was SO soft but just not my style.  I could, however, totally see my little sister wearing this.

Lanette Knit Back Silk Blouse by Daniel Rainn
This was a nice blouse and I liked the flowy fit.  It's just not something I'm interested in right now.

Calvin Scoop Neck Striped Knit Top by Papermoon
This was much too short in length and just didn't fit me well at all.

Dustin Mixed Print Graphic Print Top by 19 Cooper
This loose, comfortable top won me over!  I'm hesitant to buy a sleeveless top in the middle of winter but I've been wearing this under and cardigan and really like it!

Every month I look forward to receiving my 'Fix' of clothes that were picked specifically for me.
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Stitch Fix #1 tells in more detail about how the service works

Monday, February 2, 2015

Emma's 3rd Birthday Luau

A luau in Kansas in January makes sense, right?  That's how we celebrated Emma's third birthday.  This is the first birthday that she has really known what was going on enough to be excited about it.  For many days leading up to her birthday, she would ask us if it was her birthday yet.  We had a friend who wanted to get rid of all the luau decorations she used for her daughter's birthday party and I was happy to take them from her.  Emma is very into Dora right now so we combined that with the luau theme.  The lady who made Emma's cake had actually already done this exact design before.  

Emma's birthday was on a Sunday this year so we just had some friends over late that afternoon.  Bryan smoked some pork and we had pulled pork sandwiches (on Hawaiian rolls ;) with a few sides/finger foods.  

Emma was so excited about Dora and Boots on her cake and the three "wishes" (candles) she got to blow out.   

 For Emma's first two birthdays we requested no gifts.  This year we did not object to gifts and she was thrilled that her friends brought a few presents just for her.

I asked her to tell everyone 'Thank You' for coming to her party and she stood up on her chair and yelled it out.  After this she did give everyone a proper hug.

 Once the guests left she made her was back over to her cake to dig into the frosting.

I'm crazy about this big three year old!  

The impossible family picture....

We all had so much fun celebrating Emma's third birthday.  She is a social butterfly just like her sister and loves to show off for other people.  She will talk to anyone!  She loves to snuggle with all three of us and is always trying to keep up with her big sister.  
She enjoys going to preschool two mornings a week but is equally happy having lazy mornings at home on her off days.  
Her baby dolls are her favorite toys and she loves taking care of them.  
She is a great eater and is almost completely (daytime) potty trained.  She is still taking one nap a day and sleeping in a crib.  It's sad to think that both of those things will probably change in the coming year.  I look forward to seeing what else her fourth year will bring!