Wednesday, October 15, 2014

dotMom 2014

I recently snuck off for a weekend to attend this year's dotMom conference.  My neighbor, Anna, went with me and we took off around noon on Thursday headed to Clarksville, TN.  One of our previous duty stations was Fort Campbell, KY and Clarksville is right outside the gates.  After 8ish hours of driving, we met my friend, Marcia, at my favorite sushi restaurant.  Surprisingly, the best sushi I've ever eaten can be found in Clarksville at Kohana.
On Friday morning, we picked up my other friend, Renee, and drove to Hendersonville for the conference.  It kicked off just after noon with worship led by Carl and Heather Cartee.  That was followed by our first general session speaker, Jennie Allen.  I was looking forward to hearing Jennie speak because I'm going through her Stuck Bible study right now with a group of ladies.  She discussed things we are fighting that no one else can see.  She encouraged us to fix our eyes on Jesus and keep fighting because we are at war.

Later in the afternoon we were able to participate in our first two breakout sessions.  I chose to attend Discovering Your Personal Ministry with Angela Cottrell and Blogging With Kids led by Jessica Turner.

Next it was dinner time!  Anna knows how seriously I take eating out, so she put the pressure on me to find us some great food on this trip.  I chose Cafe Rakka for our first Nashville area meal.  It did not disappoint.  The food was so fresh and flavorful - even for someone like me who requires the spice/heat level to be very mild.

Friday evening concluded with more worship and a general session led by David Thomas.  Last year I had the opportunity to attend a breakout session led by his coworker, Missy Goff.  It was such a great session and I was excited to hear David speak this year.  He was such an engaging speaker and made us laugh and then get teary eyed all in the same session.  He discussed 3 Things I Know For Sure About Parenting.  Those things were:
1) Parenting is about showing up
2) Parenting is designed to help ME (the parent) grow up
3) Parenting will expose the best and worst of who I am

Saturday morning kicked off with worship and a general session with Steve & Debbie Wilson.  I wasn't familiar with the Wilsons so I didn't know what to expect from their session.  I think it's safe to say they blew us away.  Their focus is on marriage and relationships and they spoke a lot about expectations during their session.  Their main points were:
1) Unspoken expectations lead to discouragement
2) Unmet expectations lead to disappointment
3) Unrealistic expectations lead to defeat

For my last two breakout sessions, I chose Teaching God's Word to Your Children with Angela Cottrell and The Ten Things Every Spouse Needs with Steve and Debbie Wilson.

The conference concluded with one last worship time and a general session led by Angie Smith.  I loved hearing from Angie last year at dotMom 2013.  Angie spoke about our need as parents to have control and we could all relate to what she was sharing.  Some of my favorite points from her session were:
We can't point to God if we're holding on to [control of] our kids with both hands.
Be brave enough to show your children your faith in God.  
Let your children see who Jesus is to you in your worst moments.
Build your own faith and pray that they are watching.  

The conference concluded on Saturday afternoon and that night,  Anna, Renee and I had dinner at The Pharmacy - Burger Parlor & Beer Garden in Nashville.  They had a nice, large beer garden and one of the best burgers I've had in a while.  I'm definitely going to return there when I get a chance.

On Sunday, we dropped Renee off at the airport (with a Dyson vacuum she won at dotMom by the way!) and Anna and I made the drive back to Kansas.  Like last year, I was feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted but at the same time, completely poured into.  This is such a wonderful conference and I wish every mom had a chance to attend.  There is scuttlebutt that this may have been the last dotMom but I truly hope it was not.  I definitely want to try to attend in 2015!

This obviously isn't a picture from dotMom, but it was taken while I was in Nashville.  This cuteness is one of the three reasons I went to the conference to try to become a better and more Godly wife and mother.  

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