Monday, April 21, 2014

A Redleg in Blues

Last weekend my parents came to visit and stay with the girls so that Bryan and I could attend a military ball.  The local field artillery association hosted a Saint Barbara's Ball for all the redlegs in the Kansas City area.  It was so nice to get away for a day and night without the kids.  It's somewhat of a tradition in the field artillery for the women to wear a red dress to St. Barbs.   For the second ball in a row, I rented a gown from Rent the Runway.  The zipper on the dress was a little wonky, but otherwise I was very pleased with it.    
The next morning we wanted to have a great breakfast so we went downtown to Succotash which is one of the best breakfast spots in KC!  Bryan ordered The Kitchen Sink and I had the Peachy Swedes.  I also enjoyed one of their fresh squeezed juices and got a piece of their 8 layer citrus cake to go.    

As soon as we got home on Sunday, Bryan had to clean up and put on his dress blues again.  He and Marlie had a date to attend a local Father-Daughter Banquet.  It is so sweet to see how excited she gets about dressing up to go on a special date with her daddy.  

She said "Take a picture of me doing a silly face!"

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  1. You look stunning and that color looks gorgeous on you! I love the father-daughter dance tradition. So adorable!