Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marlie turns 6!

Last month Marlie turned six years old.  I enjoy making a big deal of birthday parties, but by no means create a carnival for my kid.  I just hope that the celebration we create will remind them of how special they are to me.  However, this year I tried to be very intentional about giving Marlie the party that she wanted.
Even though she hasn't shown any interest in Rapunzel or Tangled in about a year, she decided she wanted a Tangled party.  The theme was set!
For the past 5 years I've gotten her beautiful (yet edible - I don't do fondant) cakes.  She's gotten where she really doesn't like cake that much though.  We talked about what to do this year and she decided that she really wanted an ice cream cake.  We rode over to Dairy Queen one afternoon and she was thrilled to find that they had a Tangled cake.    We ordered the cake and she enjoyed customizing it by selecting the icing colors.
The party location proved to be the most difficult part of the planning the party.  We enjoy having outside parties but you never know if it's going to be too hot at the end of August.  After talking through our options, Marlie chose the small miniature golf course on post for her party.  The weather was beautiful for about two weeks before the party, but on that day it was HOT!  We were all dripping with sweat, but the birthday girl had just the celebration that she wanted.  Even though I would have done some things differently if it was just up to me, I'm so glad that I decided to focus on exactly what she wanted this year.
What a blessing to be able to celebrate our SIX year old!  

The birthday girl and her cake

Gifts!  I've never really expected Marlie to do thank you notes in the past, but this year she is capable of writing them on her own.  I put the gifts away once we got home and she could get out one at a time - as she wrote the thank you notes for them!

Em's style of miniature golf.

For almost every birthday, Marlie has had a personalized birthday shirt by our friend Tara.  Check out her products at http://collectionsbyTaraNicole.blogspot.com

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  1. Awe, she is so cute! Happy birthday to her!

    Maria @ The Good Life