Friday, August 9, 2013

Favorite Apps

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner to share my favorite apps.  I don't have an iPad so these are are just what I use on my iPhone.  Unless noted otherwise, these are all free.

These are very popular social networking apps that most people have:

I love to take pictures, so of course I have Instagram, but I also like to use:
PicStitch - a collage app
Timer Cam - self timer for iPhone
A Beautiful Mess - photo editor (paid)
A Beautiful Mess sample screenshot from the iTunes store

For blogging I obviously like to use the Blogger app.

I haven't used it in 18 months, but when I went into labor with Emma, I used Full Term to help me track my contractions.
After she was born and we were nursing all the time, I loved playing the game Truffla Shuffla!  It's probably more for kids but I really enjoyed it!  The app was free when I downloaded it, but you may have to pay for it now.
Truffla Shuffla sample screenshot from the iTunes store

Some other random apps that I find useful are:
Flash Light comes in handy much more than I thought it would
Trip Advisor can let you know what's in your current area as far as restaurants, hotels and things to do
Foursquare also allows you to find places in your current area and may sometimes offer deals too
Groupon is probably the most well known site for deals
Kindle allows you to download books onto your phone without actually having to purchase a Kindle device
Gas Buddy helps you find the cheapest gas in your area
Gas Buddy sample screenshot from the iTunes store

Those are most of the apps you will find on my phone.  My 5 year old also has one of our old broken iPhones but we allow her to use it to play games.  Her favorite app at the moment is probably Snapchat.    Her 'friends' on there are her aunt and uncle, babysitter and one of my lifelong friends.  She loves sending them silly pictures and videos and can't wait to see what they send back to her!

This is a post I probably never would have thought to write but it is fun to see what all apps are out there that I don't even know exist.  What are your favorites?

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