Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blessing in the Sky

As we got closer to the day for the girls and I to fly to Georgia, my anxiety about traveling alone with them grew. I knew Marlie would be fine for the most part, but Emma is totally in that active toddler stage where she does not want to sit still. Combine that with the 3 of us being stuffed into two plane seats - the window & middle- and hopefully you can understand why I would be nervous.  
We booked the flight during Emma's nap time so the best case scenario would be that she would sleep in my lap the whole flight.  
I prayed that the trip would be smooth and easy. I prayed that the flight wouldn't be full so that we could take Emma's car seat on board and she would nap in it the whole flight. I prayed that Bryan would be able to go with us to the gate and my parents would be able to meet us at the gate.  Well, you know what they say about telling God your plans?
The flight was full, Bryan was not allowed to go with us to the gate, Emma didn't sleep at all (she actually cried half the flight), and my parents couldn't meet us at the gate either.  
However, there was a nice man behind me as I went through security who helped me as much as he could.  I felt sorry for whatever poor soul was going to be stuck sitting with us girls but of course God was taking care of that too.  
An eccentric but very kind older gentleman named Mike was already there in our row when we took our seats.  He introduced himself right away and made a bit of small talk. Marlie loves to talk to anyone that will listen and she and Mike became buddies.  As she worked on her new activity book, he would help her whenever she got stuck (since I was trying to calm a wild toddler). He showed her the laces around his hat from the Jamaican bobsled team & talked about his love for reggae music.  Marlie sang our favorite Bob Marley song, Three Little Birds, for him.  
Even though nothing else really went as I had hoped, we arrived in Georgia safely and we were blessed to sit with Mike.  When we were getting ready to leave I thanked him for being so kind to us since I know there were people on that plane who probably resented this lady and her fussy toddler.  Mike replied that we were his favorite kind of people to sit with. :)
Maybe I thought I wanted an easy and uneventful trip, but God knew what I needed even more was someone to remind me of His love in the midst of my stress and frustration.  I am thankful he placed Mike in my life that day, but I still wouldn't mind one of those smooth trips I had hoped for on our flight back home!

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