Friday, June 14, 2013

Major Promotion

I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist giving this post it's cheesy name!  Bryan was recently promoted to the rank of Major in the Army and we are so proud of him.  It is tradition for you to have a small ceremony and reception for your promotion, so that is how we brought in the month of June.
Bryan would just say that this promotion is the normal next step in his career, but as his #1 fan, I certainly believe he has earned every honor that he has received.  He has taken care of us through 7 PCS moves, he has spent months in the "field" training, and served 1 deployment to Iraq and 2 to Afghanistan.

During his first deployment, he was a platoon leader patrolling the streets of Baghdad every day and studying for the GRE in the little bit of downtime he had.  When he came home to Germany for 2 weeks of R&R leave, he took the GRE so that he could apply for the Army's ACS/EGSP program.  Through that program he was able to receive his Master of Public Administration degree at UGA in one of the top public programs in the country.  In addition to his civilian education, Bryan has successfully completed many military schools and courses He's earned numerous awards and decorations both in combat and in garrison.  I would love to list them all here but it would really just look like a foreign language to anyone not affiliated with the military.

Bryan opted for a very low key and laid back promotion ceremony and reception.  He is currently working in an office in the old USDB and chose to have the event in a small bar and grill there.  Bryan's COL started the ceremony by speaking about Bryan and then removing Bryan's Captain rank from his uniform.

Marlie then placed Bryan's new rank on his uniform, while I changed the rank on his beret.

The kiss is pretty much a tradition and requirement.

When Bryan was repeating his oath back to the COL, Emma thought they were going for a high five.  She wanted in on the fun!

COL Layton presenting Bryan with his promotion certificate.

The receiving line is another tradition that seems to be a part of all Army functions!

Our attempt at a family picture.  For some reason these are rarely successful.

This girl had so much fun running around the room and sneaking a few bites of food here and there!

Congratulations Major Fanning!  We are so proud of you and look forward to supporting you as you continue to do great things in your career!

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  1. Congrats Major Fanning!!!

    LOVING your new blog layout!! It looks great! So fun and colorful!
    Andy was talking about Bryan the other night and he said something about you, and I was all, like I know, I read her blog!! Haha! Loving the new facebook page too! I am a new follower!