Monday, March 25, 2013

Stitch Fix #1

Last week was M's spring break so my parents came to spend the week with us.  What should have been a fun, enjoyable time with family turned into quite the opposite.  We ended up passing a stomach virus around the house all week!  Thankfully, I was least affected by it so I could help take care of everyone and do a lot of cleaning.  As bad as it sounds for me to say, I think we were all ready for the week to be over so we could go back to our normal, healthy routines.

Even though most of the week was pretty rough, it did start out on a great note.  I received my first Stitch Fix shipment!  I learned about Stitch Fix at dotMom in my Fashion for Moms breakout sessions.  When Melanie started describing it, I knew right away I had to check it out.  Here's how it works:

You start by going to the Stitch Fix website and answering questions about yourself.  It's easy stuff like what size you are and what types of clothes you need for your lifestyle.  For example, I'm a stay at home mom so I would prefer conservative, casual type pieces.  You're also able to let them know in more detail what you like and what you don't.  I don't do animal prints or leather so that was another thing I could share about myself.  Another important part of the style profile is that you can choose what price range you would like for your clothes.  I chose the most inexpensive option.  

After you have completed your profile, you're going to have to be on a waiting list for a bit.  I waited about 3-4 weeks but it definitely seems to vary based on your clothing needs/preferences and your size.  

Once I received the glorious email that I was off the waiting list, I was able to schedule my first 'fix'!  A personal stylist selects 5 items for me that she thinks I will like based on my profile.  The cost of the service is $20, but if you keep any of the clothes, you can apply that $20 to whatever you keep.

My box arrived faster than I had expected it to and here's what it looked like.  I love how the envelope says "Your stylist thought these would look great on you".

The first item in the box was a cashmere scarf.  It was a really pretty pale purple (almost gray) color but right now I need actual clothes more than accessories.  

Next was a simple black dress by DownEast.  It didn't look like much when I pulled it out of the box, but I loved the fit and feel of this dress!  

Each article of clothing comes with a tag showing ways to wear it.  For someone like me who isn't super fashionable and struggles to think outside of the box, these are so helpful!

This top from Natural Life was another one that I wasn't too sure about when I first pulled it out of the box.  However, like the dress, the fit and feel were both so great.

The reverse side of the tag with pictures also describes how you can wear the clothes.

At first glance, this was my favorite of the fix!  These blouses seem to be very in right now and I don't have one.  I was excited to receive a cute one that is also mature enough for a 30-something mama.  I can totally see me wearing this blouse from 41Hawthorne with skinny jeans this spring or white shorts this summer.

Even though the previous shirt was my favorite when I first looked, this was my favorite after I had tried everything on.  It is just so me.  The material was super soft and the fit was great.  I can actually see this Kersh shirt working for almost anyone.

Here you can see the price range ($48-68) for the clothes I received.

After your shipment arrives, you have 3 business days to send back any clothes you do not want to keep.  In the bottom of the box is a prepaid envelope that you put the clothes in and drop at any USPS mailbox.  

For the clothes you would like to keep, you just hold onto them and go online to your Stitch Fix account to pay the amount due after your $20 is deducted.  If you decide to keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount!

Overall I thought my stylist did an awesome job of selecting clothes for me.  I seriously could have been happy keeping each piece.  I decided to just go with one item this time, and I kept the navy blouse with the white tulips.  I highly recommend this service and am already looking forward to my next 'fix' in April!  

If you would like to give Stitch Fix a try, just click here.  

Do you have any questions about Stitch Fix?  If you've tried this fun service before, I'd love to hear about your experience!

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