Friday, February 15, 2013

Shoe Organizers & Rubber Totes

Like crafting, organization just isn't one of my gifts.  When I realized Kelly's Show Us Your Life topic for this week was organization tips, I figured I'd have to sit it out.  I did eventually think of 2 very simple tips I could share.  They both require almost no work and are inexpensive.  I hope these are able to help you out just a little!
The first idea I'd like to share is using an over the door shoe organizer for more than just shoes.  Since it's the middle of winter, hats, gloves and scarves seem to be scattered by both our front and garage doors.  I bought a very basic shoe organizer at the PX for about $7.  I hung it inside the coat closet and it is such a great place for stuffing our winter accessories!  There are so many other ways you could use one of these.  With 2 girls in our house, there are Barbies and doll clothes everywhere.  This would work great for storing those too.  Oh, the possibilities!

I don't have a picture of this yet, but for my 2nd idea, all you need is a large rubber tote.  I have an open one sitting on the floor of each of my daughter's closets.  When I realize they have outgrown an article of clothing, I just place it straight into the bin.  This saves me from having to spend a lot of time going through their closets pulling out clothes that don't fit when the seasons change.  When the bin from Miss M's room is full, it goes into storage so the clothes will be ready for Miss E when she is big enough for them.  When the bin from Miss E's room is full, I sell or donate the contents of it and we start all over again!

Do you have a great organizing tip to share?  I could definitely benefit from learning them!

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