Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Kohana Japanese Restaurant, Clarksville Tennessee

I am far from being a connoisseur of sushi, but I know good food when I taste it.  About 8 years ago I started eating sushi occasionally.  Since then I've slowly come to like it more and more to the point that it is now one of my favorite foods.   You wouldn't think that you would find good sushi on the Tennessee-Kentucky border, but it is definitely there!  One of the first restaurants B & I tried when we moved to Fort Campbell was Kohana Japanese Restaurant.  We were impressed by the quality of the sushi and soon learned that it was one of the most popular places to eat in Clarksville.  Before long, we were as hooked on Kohana as everyone else!  
The original Kohana is in Clarksville, but they have also added 2 more restaurants in Nashville.  While I'm sure they are just as good, I haven't visited those locations.  When you enter the Clarksville restaurant, the white decor gives a slightly formal impression but you are definitely welcome to come as you are.  I've been there at lunch in a group of moms and kids, for a girls night out, dates with the husband and even going away parties.  
The staff at Kohana is friendly and fun.  They are also knowledgeable about the menu so that even if you are new to sushi, they can help you find something you will like.  Of course I have always eaten sushi there, but if you absolutely don't, there are plenty of other items on their menu.  
When I left Fort Campbell, my sweet friends surprised me with a going away party at Kohana.  Here are a few pictures that my friend, April, took of some of the delicious rolls.

The Sweetheart Roll is one of my personal favorites

Amazing Grace

101st roll (I think!)

When we recently passed through Clarksville on our move to KS, I insisted on getting a Kohana fix!  Thankfully, some of my girlfriends from Fort Campbell are still there so we were able to meet up and have dinner together.  It was a great time with some fabulous ladies and amazing food.  If you are in the Fort Campbell/Clarksville TN or Nashville area, you must have a meal at Kohana!

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