Sunday, October 4, 2015

August 2015 Part 1

Bryan's unit had a family day the first weekend in August.  We were able to participate in some of the training scenarios that the soldiers do.  Marlie and I were practicing clearing a room/building in this picture.  We also got to try throwing a grenade, completing an obstacle course and shooting  a few different weapons at the range.  

Just another Friday night dinner at the food trucks...

Almost every Saturday morning I drive to a nearby farmers market on the north shore.  Waialua is a tiny rural town but I love how much great produce you can get at this simple market.  When I top the hill on the way to the market, I love this wide view of the north shore.  The market is held at the site of an old sugar mill which is now home to a coffee factory/gift shop that also sells good natural shave ice.    

Our friends invited us to meet them at Kewala Bay which is also known as Secret Beach.  It's nice how few people were there, but the water is also pretty rocky with quite a bit of coral.  There is a really cool banyan tree that you pass as you walk to the beach.  On the way home we decided to stop by Aloha General Store and try a pineapple bowl for the first time.  It was definitely more than one person could eat!  

Leonard's malasadas are pretty much famous around here.  I happened to stumble upon their truck while out running errands one day.  I got one of each flavor and wasn't disappointed by any of them.    

I've been trying to get back into swimming on a regular basis.  I found a really nice, large facility about 20-30 minutes away, but eventually decided to stick with the small local pool.  There is a small group of locals that is usually there and I appreciate how easy and convenient it is for me to get my workout in.  Sometimes when I'm done swimming, I just like to sit in the sun and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Some of our neighbors recommended that we try a restaurant in Ko'olina called Monkeypod.  It claims to be a farm to table style restaurant.  The area is really nice and we liked the atmosphere.  I think if we went back I may just have a cocktail and their excellent fries for a meal!

Friday, September 18, 2015

The End of Summer Break 2015

As summer break came to a close, we had to start getting ready to go back to school.  Emma's preschool had a registration day where we went to finish up her paperwork.  The girls ended up looking so cute that day, I had to grab a quick picture before we left the house.

Emma keeps me on my toes with her fun personality.  On the morning, I took this picture she walked up with a back pack, hat and sunglasses on.  She informed me "We press the Blues Clues button to take off to the sky". 

We have found ourselves a new farmers market "home" at Waialua Farmers Market.  The vendors are so friendly and always send me home with more produce than I actually paid for.  All four of us went one Saturday and Marlie got to enjoy a fresh coconut among other goodies.

Bryan & I got to celebrate our anniversary a week late with dinner at a popular local restaurant, Opal Thai.  After dinner we got some ice cream and did a little window shopping.

On the actual last day of summer break, we spent a few hours at the pool with friends.  It was a nice laid back way to enjoy the day.

The girls both started school on July 29.  Marlie is in 3rd grade at our local post elementary school and Emma is in preschool at a local private school.  They were both so excited to attend their new schools.  

Marlie took tennis lessons for the first time.  She had a lot of fun and considering it was her first time, I thought she did great.  

We went into Honolulu on the last day of July for our first Eat The Street.  There was lots of good food but I think the girls enjoyed running around outside the most.